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Season Schedule

2022 NYBA

Fall Season

League Schedule



$5 Entry for all spectators ages 16 & up

GYM OPENS WEEKLY AT 11:45AM (or 15 min before 1st game)


Week 1 (Oct. 1)

Court 1

Noon- MCG vs. Wildcats (Girls)

12:45pm- Wildcats vs. FIE Black (Girls)

1:30pm- NYBA vs. FIE Silver (Girls)

2:30pm- Adams/Steward vs. P. Parker (JV)

3:30pm- Adams/Johnson vs. H. Bell (VAR)

4:30pm- D. Keary vs. E. Camel (JV)


Court 2

Noon- P. Lewis vs. T. Bell (JPW)

12:45pm- E. McDonald vs. J. Taylor (PW)

1:30pm- D. Keary vs. G. Harris (JPW)

2:15pm- N. Lang vs. J. Fisher (PW)

3pm- Team Tae vs. FIE Gold (Girls)

4pm- Team Tae vs. M. Coble (VAR)

5pm- TSHOK vs. P. Parker (JV)


Week 2 (Oct. 8)

Court 1

Noon- Wildcats vs. FIE Gold (Girls)

12:45pm- MCG vs. Wildcats (Girls)

1:30pm- Wynn Black vs. M. Coble (VAR)

2:30pm- E. Camel vs. Adams/Steward (JV)

3:30pm- H. Bell vs. Adams/Johnson (VAR)

4:30pm- Team Tae vs. NYBA (Girls)



Court 2

Noon-J. Fisher vs. E. McDonald (PW)

12:45pm- M. Coble vs. HWPO (VAR)

1:30pm- D. Keary vs. TSHOK (JV)

2:30pm- G. Harris vs. P. Lewis (JPW)

3:15pm- T. Bell vs. D. Keary (JPW)

4pm- P. Parker vs. D. Keary (JV)

5pm- J. Taylor vs. N. Lang (PW)




Week 3 (Oct. 15)

Court 1

2:45pm- Wildcats vs. FIE Silver (Girls)

3:30pm- FIE Rose vs. Wildcats (Girls)

4:15pm- Team Tae vs. NYBA (Girls)

5pm- Team Tae vs. Adams/Johnson (VAR)

6pm- P. Parker vs. E. Camel (JV)

6:45pm- D. Keary vs. Adams/Steward (JV)

7:30pm- TSHOK vs. E. Camel (JV)


Court 2

2:45pm- M. Coble vs. Wynn Red (VAR)

3:30pm- H. Bell vs. Wynn Black (VAR)

4:30pm- D. Keary vs. P. Lewis (JPW)

5:15pm- E. McDonald vs. N. Lang (PW)

6pm- G. Harris vs. T. Bell (JPW)

6:45pm- J. Fisher vs. J. Taylor (PW)


Week 4 (Oct. 22)

Court 1

Noon- Wynn Black vs. Team Tae (VAR)

1pm- Adams/Johnson vs. Wynn Red (VAR)

1:45pm- H. Bell vs. M. Coble (VAR)

2:45pm- Adams/Steward vs. P. Parker (JV)

3:45pm- D. Keary vs. E. Camel (JV)

4:30pm- TSHOK vs. Adams/Steward (JV)


Court 2

Noon- NYBA vs. Wildcats (Girls)

12:45pm- Wildcats vs. Team Tae (Girls)

1:30pm- D. Keary vs. T. Bell (JPW)

2:15pm- P. Lewis vs. G. Harris (JPW)

3pm- J. Taylor vs. N. Lang (PW)

3:40pm- E. McDonald vs. J. Taylor (PW)

4:20pm- N. Lang vs. J. Fisher (PW)


Week 5 (Oct. 29)

Court 1

Noon- Wynn Red vs. H. Bell (VAR)

12:45pm- Wynn Black vs. Team Tae (VAR)

1:30pm- Adams/Johnson vs. H. Bell (VAR)

2:30pm- M. Coble vs. Team Tae (VAR)

3:30pm- P. Parker vs. TSHOK (JV)

4:15pm- E. Camel vs. Adams/Steward (JV)

5pm- P. Parker vs. D. Keary (JV)


Court 2

Noon- FIE Gold vs. Wildcats (Girls)

12:45pm- FIE Black vs. Wildcats (Girls)

1:30pm- NYBA vs. FIE Rose (Girls)

2:15pm- Team Tae vs. FIE Silver (Girls)

3pm- G. Harris vs. D. Keary (JPW)

3:40pm- J. Fisher vs. E. McDonald (PW)

4:20pm- T. Bell vs. P. Lewis (JPW)

5pm- J. Taylor vs. J. Fisher (PW)

5:40pm- N. Lang vs. E. McDonald (PW)