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Season Schedule

2021 NYBA

Winter Season

League  Schedule

2021 NYBA Winter Season Schedule

*All Games at Knowledge Academies unless noted otherwise


Jan. 23

Big Gym

Noon- M. Young- 7 vs. K. Varpness-11 (JPW)

12:45pm– E. Camel- 8 vs. P. Lewis- 5 (JPW)

1:30pm- K. McHenry- 34 vs. A. Crisden- 20 (VAR)

2:15pm– J. Adams- 31 vs. E. Camel- 27 (VAR)

3pm- Team Tae- 34 vs. Wilco- 16 (VAR)

3:45pm- NYBA-13 vs. Tae HS2- 35 (HS)

4:30pm- HWPO- 26 vs. Panthers- 47 (HS)

5:15pm- NYBA Girls vs. Green Mambas (MS Girls)


Small Gym

Noon- J. Dunlap- 27 vs. McCabe- 20 (JV)

12:45pm– M. Holloway- 37 vs. T. Meija- 34 (JV)

1:30pm- P. Lewis- 29 vs. A. Isen- 22 (JV)

2:15pm- E. Wyss- 6 vs. P. Miller – 11(PW)

3pm- K. Wimsatt- 4 vs. E. McDonald- 3 (PW)

3:45pm– S. Taylor- 7 vs. W. Thomas- 5 (PW)

4:30pm- Supreme Queens- 38 vs. Wildcats Girls JV- 11(MS Girls)

5:15pm- FIE- 16 vs. Wildcats Girls Var- 22 (MS Girls)    


Jan. 30

Big Gym

Noon- M. Young- 6 vs. E. Camel- 7 (JPW)

12:45pm- K. Varpness- 14 vs. P. Lewis- 9 (JPW)

1:30pm- Wildcats Girls JV- 8 vs. NYBA Girls- 18 (MS Girls)

2:15pm- Wildcats Girls Var- 20 vs. Green Mambas- 37 (MS Girls)

3pm- FIE- 15 vs. Supreme Queens- 13 (MS Girls)

3:45pm- A. Crisden- 24 vs. Team Tae- 28 (VAR)

4:30pm- NYBA- 22 vs. HWPO- 18 (HS)

5:15pm- Panthers- 40 vs. Tae HS2- 25 (HS)


Small Gym

Noon-. Meija- 29 vs. McCabe- 27 (JV)

12:45pm- A. Isen- 26 vs. J. Dunlap- 29 (JV)

1:30pm- E. McDonald- 6 vs. S. Taylor- 19 (PW)

2:15pm- P. Miller- 5 vs. W. Thomas- 4 (PW)

3pm- E. Wyss- 5 vs. K. Wimsatt- 15 (PW)

3:45pm– E. Camel- 37 vs. Wilco- 21 (VAR)

4:30pm- K. McHenry- 26 vs. J. Adams- 28 (VAR)

5:15pm- P. Lewis- 16 vs. M. Holloway- 28 (JV)


Feb. 6 ($5 Entry)

Big Gym

3pm- P. Lewis- 10 vs. M. Young- 4 (JPW)

3:45pm- K. Varpness- 3 vs. E. Camel- 10 (JPW)

4:30pm- A. Crisden- 36 vs. E. Camel- 39 (VAR)

5:15pm- M. Holloway- 31 vs. T. Meija- 29 (JV)

6pm- J. Dunlap- 35 vs P. Lewis- 22 (JV)

6:45pm- Team Tae- 30 vs. K. McHenry- 26 (VAR)

7:30pm- Tae HS2- 19 vs. HWPO- 34 (HS)

8:15pm- Pressure- 38 vs. NYBA- 22 (HS)


Small Gym

6pm- FIE- 13 vs. Wildcats Girls JV- 8 (MS Girls)

6:45pm- NYBA Girls- 11 vs. Wildcats Girls Var- 26 (MS Girls)

7:30pm- A. Isen- 38 vs. McCabe- 30 (JV)

8:15pm- J. Adams- 34 vs. Wilco- 21 (VAR)


Feb. 13 ($5 Entry)

Big Gym

Noon- E. Camel- 15 vs. P. Lewis- 6 (JPW)

12:45pm- M. Young- 2 vs. K. Varpness- 20 (JPW)

1:30pm- Green Mambas- 18 vs. Wildcats Girls Var- 16 (MS Girls)

2:15pm- Wildcats Girls JV- 14 vs. NYBA Girls- 11 (MS Girls)

3pm- J. Adams- 47 vs. Team Tae- 20 (VAR)

3:45pm- K. McHenry- 26 vs. E. Camel- 41 (VAR)

4:30pm- NYBA- 18 vs. Tae HS2- 33 (HS)

5:15pm- HWPO- 19 vs. Pressure- 45 (HS)


Small Gym

Noon- E. McDonald- 16 vs. E. Wyss- 4 (PW)

12:45pm- J. Dunlap- 23 vs. T. Meija- 30 (JV)

1:30pm- McCabe- 22 vs. P. Lewis- 35 (JV)

2:15pm- S. Taylor- 18 vs. P. Miller- 8 (PW)

3pm- W. Thomas- 11 vs. K. Wimsatt- 6 (PW)

3:45pm– M. Holloway- 36 vs. A. Isen- 30 (JV)

4:30pm- Wilco- 35 vs. A. Crisden- 36 (VAR)



6:10pm- M. Young vs. E. Camel (JPW)

6:50pm- K. Varpness vs. P. Lewis (JPW)

7:30pm- McCabe vs. A. Isen (JV)

8:10pm- J. Adams vs. A. Crisden (VAR)


Wed. Feb. 24 ($5 Entry) @ Knowledge Academies

Court 1 (Cross Court/Main)

6:10pm- P. Miller vs. E. McDonald (PW)

6:50pm- S. Taylor vs. K. Wimsatt (PW)

7:30pm- E. Wyss vs. S. Taylor (PW)

8:10pm- K. McHenry vs. Wilco (VAR) (Full court)


Court 2 (Cross Court/Main)

6:10pm- W. Thomas vs. E. Wyss (PW)

6:50pm- W. Thomas vs. E. McDonald (PW)

7:30pm- P. Miller vs. K. Wimsatt (PW)


Court 3 (Small Gym)

6:10pm– Team Tae vs. E. Camel (VAR)

6:50pm- Panthers vs. Tae HS2 (HS)

7:30pm- NYBA vs. HWPO (HS)



6:10pm- P. Lewis vs. T. Meija (JV)

6:50pm- J. Dunlap vs. M. Holloway (JV)

7:30pm- Wildcats Girls JV vs. Wildcats Girls Var (MS Girls)

8:10pm- NYBA Girls vs. Green Mambas (MS Girls)



Feb. 27 ($5 Entry) (JPW, PW, & HS Tournament included) (PICTURE DAY)

Big Gym

11am- P. Lewis vs. M. Young (JPW)

11:45am- K. Varpness vs. E. Camel (JPW)

12:30pm- J. Dunlap vs. McCabe (JV)

1:15pm- E. Camel vs. M. Young (JPW1)

2pm- K. Varpness vs. P. Lewis (JPW2)

2:45pm- JPW1 Winner vs. JPW2 Winner (Championship) (JPW)

3:30pm- P. Lewis vs. A. Isen (JV)

4:15pm- K. McHenry vs. A. Crisden (VAR)

5pm- Sting vs. NYBA (HS)

5:45pm- Tae HS2 vs. HWPO (HS)

6:30pm- Team Tae vs. Wilco (VAR)

7:15pm- HS2 vs. NYBA (HS1)

8pm- HS1 Winner vs. HWPO (Championship) (HS)



Small Gym

11am- K. Wimsatt vs. E. McDonald (PW)

11:45am- S. Taylor vs. W. Thomas (PW)

12:30pm- E. Wyss vs. P. Miller (PW)

1:15pm- Green Mambas (MS Girls) vs. Wildcats Girls Var (MS Girls)

2pm- Wildcats Girls JV vs. D. Coffey (MS Girls)

2:45pm- NYBA Girls vs. FIE

3:30pm- M. Holloway vs. T. Meija (JV)

4:15pm- P. Miller vs. E. Wyss (PW1)

5pm- K. Wimsatt vs. W. Thomas (PW2)

5:45pm- PW1 Winner vs. E. McDonald (PW3)

6:30pm- PW2 Winner vs. S. Taylor (PW4)

7:15pm- PW3 Winner vs. PW4 Winner (Championship) (PW)

8pm- J. Adams vs. E. Camel (VAR)


Sunday Feb. 28 ($5 Entry) (JV, VAR, & MS Girls Tournament only)

Big Gym

11am- T. Meija vs. McCabe (JV1)

11:40am- NYBA vs. Wildcats VAR (G1) (MS Girls)

12:20pm- JV2 Winner vs. M. Holloway (JV4)

1pm- G2 Winner vs. G1 Winner (G4) (Championship) (MS Girls)

1:40pm- JV3 Winner vs. JV4 Winner (Championship) (JV)

2pm- VAR1 Winner vs. Team Tae (VAR3)


Small Gym

11am- P. Lewis vs. A. Insen (JV2)

11:40am- Wildcats JV vs. Black Mambas (G2) (MS Girls)

12:20pm- JV1 Winner vs. J. Dunlap (JV3)

1pm- E. Camel vs. Wilco (VAR1)

1:40pm- – K. McHenry vs. A. Crisden (VAR2)

2:20pm- VAR2 Winner vs. J. Adams (VAR4)

3pm- VAR3 Winner vs. VAR4 Winner (Championship) (VAR)

Covid-19 protocols include: Required temperature check for all entering gym, spectators are required to wear masks & social distance, limited seating will be available for spectators, if any child is feeling ill or has persistent cough please do not bring to the gym.