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Season Schedule


League  Schedule

All Games @ McGavock High School

3150 McGavock Pk   Nashville, TN 37214


Week 1

Jan. 6, 2018


Court 1


10am- Bulls (T. Pearson) vs. Pacers (C. Miller) (5th)

11am- Sparks (M. Young) vs. Mystics (A. Hughes) (Girls)

Noon- Suns (Y. Rahman) vs. Lakers (R. Burchett) (3rd)

1pm- Rising Stars vs. The Legends (5th)

2pm- North Carolina (Q. Hicks) vs. Kentucky (S. Dansby) (Varsity)

3pm- Kentucky vs. Mon-Stars (Varsity)

4pm- MS State (D. Jones) vs. Duke (J. Adams) (Varsity)

5pm- TN Sting vs. Hawks (C. Johns) (Jr. Varsity)

6pm- Magic (T. Oneal) vs. Heat (T. Miller) (Jr. Varsity)

7pm- Hornets (I. Moore) vs. Wizards (M. Singleton) (Jr. Varsity)


Court 2

10am- Rockets (M. Young) vs. Grizzlies (E. Wisdom) (Jr. Pee Wee)

11am- Mavs (D. Williams) vs. Pelicans (J. Freeman) (Jr. Pee Wee)

Noon- Spurs (J. Stanford) vs. Rockets (M. Young) (Jr. Pee Wee)

1pm- Nuggets (J. Albright) vs. Blazers (D. Steward) (Pee-Wee)

2pm- Thunder (A. Brown) vs. Jazz (C. Clark) (Pee-Wee)

3pm- Warriors (D. Keary) vs. Clippers (S. Southall) (3rd)

4pm- Pistons (M. Nelson) vs. Cavs (T. Shephard) (5th)

5pm- Knicks (J. Irwin) vs. Celtics (M. Wiley) (4th)

6pm- Raptors (J. Bolden) vs. Nets (D. Washington) (4th)


Week 1 Division Players of the Week

Jr. Pee- Wee-   Colton Stanford Spurs   5 pts.

Pee- Wee- Jordan Edwards Blazers     8 pts.

3rd Grade- Elijah Gibson   Warriors   4 pts.

4th Grade- Noah Hughes   Knicks   13 pts.

5th Grade- Avyion Mcclenton Cavs    18 pts.

Girls-    Rehgan Williams Sparks   7 pts

Jr. Varsiy- Isaiah Mullins  Magic   13 pts.

Varsity-   Isaiah Green NC   13 pts.





Week 3

SUNDAY Jan. 21 (Picture Day, be there 1 hour before your game time)


Court 1

Noon- Lakers vs. Suns (3rd)

12:45pm- Cavs vs. Pacers (5)

1:30pm- Bulls vs. Rising Stars (5)

2:15pm- Sparks vs. Mystics (Girls)

3pm- Duke vs. North Carolina (VAR)

3:45pm- Wizards vs. Heat (JV)

4:30pm- Hawks vs. Magic (JV)

5:15pm- Nets vs. Celtics (4th)

6pm- Mon-Stars vs. MS State (VAR)

6:45pm- MS State vs. Kentucky (VAR)

7:30pm- Hornets vs. TN Sting (JV)



Court 2

Noon-Mavs vs. Spurs (JPW)

12:45pm- Grizzlies vs. Pelicans (JPW)

1:30pm- Rockets vs. Mavs (JPW)

2:15pm- Nuggets vs. Blazers (PW)

3pm- Jazz vs. Thunder (PW)

3:50pm- Clippers vs. Warriors (3rd)

4:40pm- Pistons vs. The Legends (5)

5:30pm- Knicks vs. Raptors (4th)



Week 4

Sat. Jan. 27

Court 1

10am- Rising Stars vs. Pistons (5th)

10:50am- Heat vs. Hawks (JV)

11:40am- Wizards vs. TN Sting (JV)

12:30pm- Mystics vs. Pride (Girls)

1:20pm- Clippers vs. Suns (3rd)

2:10pm- North Carolina vs. Mon-Stars (VAR)

3pm- Warriors vs. Lakers (3rd)

4pm- North Carolina vs. MS State (VAR)

5pm- Legends vs. Cavs (5th)

6pm- Mon-Stars vs. Duke (VAR)

7pm- Sparks vs. WACG (Girls)

8pm- Duke vs. Kentucky (VAR)


Court 2

10am- Rockets vs. Spurs (JPW)

10:45am- Grizzlies vs. Mavs (JPW)

11:30am- Spurs vs. Pelicans (JPW)

12:15pm- Thunder vs. Nuggets (PW)

1pm- Blazers vs. Jazz (PW)

2pm- Knicks vs. Celtics (4th)

3pm- Raptors vs. Nets (4th)

4pm- Nets vs. Celtics (4th)

5pm- Knicks vs. Raptors (4th)

6pm- Bulls vs. Pacers   (5th)

7pm- Bulls vs. Legends (5th)

8pm- Hornets vs. Magic (JV)



Week 5

Sat. Feb. 3, 2018

Court 1

10am- Mystics vs. Panthers (Girls)

10:50am- Panthers vs. Sparks (Girls)

11:40am- Knicks vs. Nets (4th)

12:30pm- Pistons vs. Bulls (5th)

1:20pm- Pacers vs. Cavs (5th)

2:10pm- Hornets vs. Heat (JV)

3pm- NYBA 2025 vs. NYBA 2026 (BB)

4pm- North Carolina vs. Kentucky (VAR)

5pm- Rising Stars vs. Legends (5th)

6pm- Duke vs. Mon-Stars (VAR)

7pm- Raptors vs. Celtics (4th)

8pm- Mon-Stars vs. MS State (VAR)




10am- Pelicans vs. Rockets (JPW)

10:45am- Spurs vs. Grizzlies (JPW)

11:30am- Mavs vs. Pelicans (JPW)

12:15pm- Thunder vs. Blazers (PW)

1pm- Nuggets vs. Jazz (PW)

2pm- Clippers vs. Lakers (3rd)

3pm- Warriors vs. Suns (3rd)

4pm- NYBA 2028 vs. Crossovers (BB 3rd)

5pm- Magic vs. Heat (JV)

6pm- Hornets vs. TN Sting (JV)

7pm- Hawks vs. Wizards   (JV)

8pm- Wizards vs. Magic (JV)



Week 6

Feb. 10, 2018

Court 1

10am- Bulls vs. Legends (5th)

10:50am- Celtics vs. Knicks (4th)

11:40am- Pride vs. Sparks (Girls)

12:30pm- Mystics vs. Pride (Girls)

1:20pm- Nets vs. Raptors (4th)

2:10pm- Hornets vs. Heat (JV)

3pm- Hawks vs. Wizards   (JV)

4pm- Warriors vs. Lakers (3rd)

5pm- Warriors vs. Clippers (3rd)

6pm- TN Sting vs. Hawks (JV)

7pm- Mon-Stars vs. Kentucky   (VAR)

8pm- Duke vs. North Carolina   (VAR)


Court 2

10am- Pelicans vs. Grizzlies (JPW)

10:45am- Spurs vs. Mavs (JPW)

11:30am- Mavs vs. Grizzlies (JPW)

12:15pm- Thunder vs. Jazz (PW)

1pm- Blazers vs. Nuggets (PW)

2pm- Lakers vs. Suns   (3rd)

3pm- Clippers vs. Suns (3rd)

4pm- Pistons vs. Cavs (5th)

5pm- Rising Stars vs. Pacers (5th)

6pm- Pacers vs. Pistons (5th)

7pm- Cavs vs. Rising Stars (5th)

8pm- TN Sting vs. Magic (JV)




Week 7

Feb. 17

Court 1


10am- Clippers vs. Suns (3rd)

11am- Warriors vs. Lakers (3rd)

Noon- Raptors vs. Knicks (4th)

1pm- Nets vs. Celtics (4th)

2pm- Mystics vs. Sparks (Girls)

3pm- Cavs vs. Bulls (5th)

4pm- Monstars vs. North Carolina (VAR)

5pm- Duke vs. MS State   (VAR)

6pm- MS State vs. Kentucky (VAR)

7pm- Magic vs. Hawks   (JV)

8pm- NYBA 2024 vs. NYBA Gold (BB)


Court 2

10am- Rockets vs. Grizzlies (JPW)

10:45am- Pelicans vs. Spurs   (JPW)

11:30am- Rockets vs. Mavs (JPW)

12:15pm Blazers vs. Jazz   (PW)

1pm- Nuggets vs. Thunder   (PW)

1:50pm- Thunder vs. Nuggets (PW)

2:40pm- Blazers vs. Jazz (PW)

3:30pm- Wizards vs. Hornets   (JV)

4:30pm- Legends vs. Pacers (5th)

5:30pm- Rising Stars vs. Pistons (5th)

6:30pm- TN Sting vs. Heat   (JV)



Week 8

Feb. 24

Post Season Tournament