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Season Schedule

2024 NYBA

 March Madness

League Schedule

March Madness Schedule

All Games played at McGavock High

$5 spectator fee for everyone over 16 years old


Week 1 (March 9)


Noon- United B vs. Select 8th (J. Ellington) (Showcase)

12:40pm- Elite 2028 vs. United B (Showcase)

1:20pm- Select 7th (T. Jones) vs. Elite 2029 (Showcase)

2pm- Elite 2027 vs. Team Tae (Showcase)

2:40pm- Team Murphy vs. Select 6th (M. Young) (Varsity)

3:20pm- NYBA Hawks (J. McDougle) vs. Nashville 8th (P. Lake) (Varsity)

4pm- Nashville 6th (B. Carter) vs. Royal Athletics (Jr. Varsity)

4:40pm- Team Murphy vs. Elite 6th (J. Dunlap) (Varsity)

5:20pm- Nashville 15u/16u (F. Bell) vs. NYBA Hawks (J. McDougle) (Varsity)

6pm- Royal Athletics vs. Nashville 5th (Jenkins) (Jr. Varsity)



Noon- NYBA Bulls (D. Davis) vs. NYBA Celtics (Hermman) (Pee-Wee)

12:40pm- NYBA Celtics (Hermman) vs. Sacramento Kings (Pee-Wee)

1:20pm- Sacramento Kings vs. Nashville 2nd (Pee-Wee)

2pm- Nashville 3rd vs. NYBA Bulls (D. Davis) (Pee-Wee)

2:40pm- NYBA Girls (Batson) vs. Lady Aces (JV Girls)

3:20pm- NYBA Grizzlies (D. Davis) vs. NYBA Heat (J. Adams) (Jr. Varsity)

4pm- Lady Sparks vs. NYBA Girls (Batson) (JV Girls)

4:40pm- Nashville 4th vs. NYBA Grizzlies (D. Davis) (Jr. Varsity)

5:20pm- NYBA Heat (J. Adams) vs. Nashville 5th (Harris) ( Jr. Varsity)



Week 2 (March 16)


Noon- NYBA Hawks vs. Team Tae (Varsity)

12:40pm- Team Tae vs. MCG (Varsity)

1:20pm- MCG vs. NYBA Hawks (Varsity)

2pm- NYBA Bulls vs. NYBA Celtics (Pee-Wee)

2:40pm- Wildcats vs. NYBA Girls (Batson) (JV Girls)

3:20pm- NYBA Girls (Batson) vs. FIE (JV Girls)



Noon- NYBA Celtics vs. Team Tae Aces (PW co-ed)

12:40pm- Sacramento Kings vs. NYBA Bulls (Pee-Wee)

1:20pm- Team Tae Aces vs. Sacramento Kings (PW co-ed)

2pm- NYBA Heat vs. Royal Athletics (Jr. Varsity)

2:40pm- NYBA Heat vs. NYBA Grizzlies (Jr. Varsity)

3:20pm- NYBA Grizzlies vs. Royal Athletics (Jr. Varsity)



Week 3 (March 23)



Wee 4 (March 30)

Gym 1

Noon- Nashville 5th (Jenkins) vs. NYBA Grizzlies (Jr. Varsity)

12:45pm- NYBA Heat vs. Nashville 4th (Hall) (Jr. Varsity)

1:30pm- Nashville 6th (Carter) vs. NYBA Grizzlies (Jr. Varsity)

2:15pm- Nashville 5th (Jenkins) vs. NYBA Heat (Jr. Varsity)

3pm- Nashville 4th (Hall) vs. Royal Athletics (Jr. Varsity)

3:45pm- NYBA Hawks vs. SELECT 8th (Ellington) (Varsity)

4:30pm- SELECT 7th (Jones) vs. Nashville 8th (Lake) (Varsity)

5:15pm- Nashville 15u/16u (Bell) vs. NYBA Hawks (Varsity)


Gym 2

Noon- NYBA Bulls vs. Sacramento Kings (Pee-Wee)

12:45pm- Nashville 2nd (Lewis) vs. NYBA Celtics (Pee-Wee)

1:30pm- Sacramento Kings vs. Nashville 3rd (Insignarus) (Pee-Wee)

2:15pm- Nashville 3rd (Insignarus) vs. NYBA Bulls (Pee-Wee)

3pm- NYBA Celtics vs. Nashville 2nd (Lewis) (Pee-Wee)

3:45pm- NYBA Girls (Batson) vs. Queens (JV Girls)

4:30pm- Royal Athletics vs. Nashville 5th (Harris) A (Jr. Varsity)

5:15pm- Team Tae vs. NYBA Girls (Batson) (JV Girls)