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NYBA Facility Information

Member: Joe Stanford
(Owner of D1 Nashville/ Murfreesboro & Accurate Mortgage Group)

Co-Chair: David Keary
(Executive Director, Nashville Youth Basketball Association)

Co-Chair: Dr. Annabelle Manalo-Morgan
(Scientist, Author, Philanthropist)

Other Groups Involved:

Nashville Sports Council

Nashville Mayor’s Office

The George Shinn Foundation

State of Tennessee


D1 Sports Nashville

Nashville is one of the few major cities in America that does not have a multi-court sports facility. In addition to strengthening the basketball skills of the youth involved in the Nashville Youth Basketball Association (NYBA), the benefits of a facility of this type in our area will be far reaching. It will be a welcoming place where families can gather, which would help strengthen the bond of the community. It will provide a safe, positive environment where youth will be able to grow, mature and be inspired to reach their full potential – on and off the courts. Furthermore, this facility will undoubtedly have a beneficial economic effect on area businesses as events held at here will bring untold amounts of new commerce from participants to area hotels, restaurants, stores and more.

Why is Nashville the perfect location geographically for such a facility?

Bordered by eight states, Tennessee is logistically the South’s epicenter for youth sports. According to the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, 50% of the U.S. population lives within 650 miles of Nashville, and 12 million people live within a 2.5-hour drive. Nashville is one of only six U.S. cities where three major interstate highways converge, making it easy for people to travel here from many different markets.

Why is the NYBA uniquely positioned to operate and sustain a sports facility?

Most sports facilities rely on searching out and enticing tenants to host events at their location in order to maintain business for the facility. The NYBA, however, is already a self-sustaining organization. In fact, we have so much interest in our programs, we’re currently operating out of three different high-school gyms in order to meet demand. Our exponential growth during the past seven years can be attributed to our year-round catalog of programs, which include leagues, camps, clinics, tournaments, travel teams and more. Nearly 2,000 Middle Tennessee youth participate in NYBA programs throughout the year.

Will the facility be solely focused on basketball programs and events?

Although basketball is what inspired us to dream bigger in order to inspire the youth already involved in our organization, the facility will also sponsor youth camps, after-school and home-school programs, mentoring and tutoring opportunities, and various educational courses. And, as far as sporting activities go, the facility will be built to accommodate volleyball, indoor soccer, 7-on-7 football, dance, gymnastics and other sports, as well. We can’t wait to be able to reach, inspire and assist in any way possible even greater numbers of youth in the region.

How far has the design process progressed at this point?

The design for the facility is complete. We will have six full courts, a lobby with a sitting area, an upstairs mezzanine, office and meeting space, a workout room, a classroom, an area for concessions, some storage space, bathrooms and more.

Why will the facility be successful?

The NYBA is teaming up with sports-facility builder and operator, Kentucky Basketball Commission. The KBC is a proven success story in doing something very similar to what we will achieve in Nashville and will be an invaluable resource as we bring our facility online. Additionally, the NYBA has an innovative business model that is already being adopted by similar organizations across the nation. The fact that we already have the know-how, programs and clientele in place is a game changer in forecasting the success of our mission.

Why are we interested in speaking with you?

We’ve come a long way but, frankly, we need more backing to make this facility a reality. We are looking to secure more investors, sponsors and team members to help us complete this ambitious project that will serve the youth of Middle Tennessee and beyond. If you would like to be a part of our vision, please reach out to Joe Stafford at [email protected].

Serious inquiries only, please.